Sri Chinmoy was born in India in 1931. At the age of 11 he entered a spiritual community in the South of India, where he spent the next 20 years practising meditation and working in the ashram community. In 1964, Sri Chinmoy travelled to New York where he established a new meditation centre. Over the next 40 years, Sri Chinmoy travelled tirelessly around the globe meeting people from various walks of life and encouraging people to live lives based on inner peace and outer dynamism.To this end, he gave many public lectures at universities and offered many soulful concerts of meditative music. He also met with world leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II to share inspiration for a better world.

There are now Sri Chinmoy Centres in over 60 countries. An important aspect of the Sri Chinmoy Centres is the offering of free meditation classes in different cities. The meditation classes are based on the simple but effective teachings of Sri Chinmoy. They are offered free in the traditional Indian belief that spirituality should be made freely available.

Sri Chinmoy passed in October 2007, leaving a profound legacy of writings, art, music and poetry.

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