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Silent Meditation


Outer silence is often difficult to find in our modern lives. It can sometimes be tricky also setting aside time to meditate, especially once a busy day is under way. Silence can be very powerful and restorative though; even a few moments of silent meditation can feel like an oasis of calm in an otherwise hectic schedule, bringing perspective to the tasks ahead, and renewed energy to complete them. Perhaps ironically, taking a little time out to enjoy the luxury of silence can thus actually save us time, as it helps us regain concentration and focus.

At times when you only have a few minutes to spare, the Meditation Silence podcasts are a convenient way to top up on your inner peace. You can download them free from iTunes, so you can even carry them with you in your iPhone or computer for inspiration while travelling or between your daily activities. At around 4 or 5 minutes long, they introduce an aspect of meditation from the writings of Sri Chinmoy, followed by a clip of Sri Chinmoy in meditation. So wherever you are, you can just put on your headphones, calm and focus your mind by listening to the reading, and then reflect on it as you meditate in silence with the video: a quick and simple way to claim back your inner poise!

The following episode is called Silent Meditation. There are many other titles in the series, such as From Worry to Confidence, Feeding the Inner Life and Living in Joy.

“Silent meditation is the strongest force that can ever be seen, felt and executed. How do we meditate silently? Just by not talking, just by not using outer words, we are not doing silent meditation. Silent meditation is totally different. When we start meditating in silence, right from the beginning we feel the bottom of a sea within us and without. The life of activity, movement and restlessness is on the surface, but deep below, underneath our human life, there is poise and silence. So, either we shall imagine this sea of silence within us or we shall feel that we are nothing but a sea of poise itself.”
– Sri Chinmoy